5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Wash Your Car At Home

It may seem like a good idea at the time but you really shouldn’t wash your car at home. With a lot more adults being home, and the kids home for Summer, washing the car may be a go to activity. Or you think by going DIY you are going to save money or water – but that isn’t the case. We have all washed a car or two in the driveway – but we are here to tell you that it can actually do more harm than good… for your car and the environment!

  1. Guess how many gallons of water you typically use when washing your car with a garden hose? The average garden hose uses water at a rate of 10 gallons a minute!!! And the average time to wash a car at home is what? 20 mins? Holy Moly! But the good news is – with new technology and water saving technology car washes use a fraction of that.
  2. When you wash a car a home, everything gross that washes of your car – runs down your driveway into the nearest sewer drain. Think about it – oil, salt, dirt, bird poop, yuck! Car washes have a way of reclaiming that water to filter out pollutants and reuse it.
  3. You probably aren’t using the right cleaners and supplies. Even if you are getting ‘professional’ products from an auto parts store – they are not going to do the best job. Dish soaps and other cleaners tend to oxidize the paint on your car leaving it looking dull looking.
  4. You are scratching your car – even if you can’t see it! Even if you get the best sponges or mits, the dirt that you are collecting in them, and the water, is getting scrubbed back into your paint.
  5. Chances are you are washing your car during the day – when it’s hot out. The sun can cause the soap to dry on your car and cause buildup – not to mention causes water spots!

More than anyone we know the importance of washing your car regularly. Which is why we have launched an Unlimited Car Wash program at each of our locations! For as little as a $1.97 per day – you can wash your car every day! For one low monthly price, seriously it’s probably cheaper than your gym membership, you can wash as much as you want.

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