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Anthony Buchanan

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Full Service Handwash
Five Star Detailing
Express Detailing

The Works Handwash

Splash Hot Wax
Splash Clearcoat Sealer
Splash Tire Shine
Splash Wheel Brite
Undercarriage Wash
Windows Cleaned
Interior Vacuumed
Dash & Door Jambs Wiped
Full Service Handwash


Super Shine Handwash 

Splash Clearcoat Sealer
Splash Foam Polish
Undercarriage Wash
Windows Cleaned
Interior Vacuumed
Dash & Door Jambs Wiped
Full Service Handwash



Wheel Express Handwash 

Splash Tire Shine
Splash Wheel Brite
Undercarriage Wash
Windows Cleaned
Interior Vacuumed
Dash & Door Jambs Wiped
Full Service Handwash


Full Service Handwash 

Windows Cleaned
Interior Vacuumed
Dash & Door Jams Wiped
Full Service Handwash


*All prices are displayed without sales tax.


Phase One: Exterior Detail

Phase One focuses on the exterior and begins with an exterior car wash, followed by a thorough cleaning and conditioning of all surfaces on the entire vehicle.

  • ECP’s XPC-3 Xtreme Paint Correction System
  • Level
  • Polish
  • Glamour Finish
  • Bug and Tar Removed
  • Chrome and Trim Polished and Dressed
  • Tires Shined

Phase Two: Interior Detail

Phase Two focuses on the interior surfaces, which are cleaned and conditioned with protectants that retard drying and cracking of leather, vinyl, and rubber.

  • Degreasing of Door Jambs and Panels
  • Dress Dash and Center Console
  • Blow Out all Air Ducts
  • Clean Cloth, Vinyl or Leather Upholstery
  • Shampoo Carpets and Mats including Trunk
  • Condition Leather and Vinyl
  • Polish Wood, Plastic, and Graphite
  • Clean Interior Windows and Mirrors

Complete Five Star Detail Pricing

Most Vehicles $225*

Oversized Vehicles $270*

Exterior Detail (Phase One Only)

Most Vehicles $135*

Oversized Vehicles $150*

Interior Detail (Phase Two Only)

Most Vehicles $135*

Oversized Vehicles $150*


Does your car’s finish need more help? Splash’s TRUE Paint Correction is necessary when traditional methods are not enough to bring back that showroom shine. Splash’s TRUE Paint Correction process is the cutting edge of today’s advanced nano paint correction and bonding processes, and can help correct even the smallest imperfections in your car’s finish. If you are looking for a near-perfect finish and a longer lasting bond with these advanced coatings, please speak to our Five Star Specialist today.

Paint Correction

$150 per additional stage to remove heavier imperfections. Up to 3 stages.

Paint Touch-up / Scratch Repair

$75 per panel


Headlight Restoration

Drive safe again! Restores the clarity of yellowed, hazy, or dull headlights and makes them look like new. ONE YEAR WARRANTY



Antibacterial protection makes the interior of your car safe and odor-free. Kills germs, eliminates allergens, and destroys odor producing mold.



Hand applied surface coating of antibacterial and antimicrobial protection which lasts up to 9 months. Helps keep the car germ-free during flu season.


Get both services with BioScrub Treatment


Windshield Repair

Permanent, airtight repairs on most types of damaged laminated windshield glass – including bull’s-eyes and star damage (up to 1 1/4 inches) typically, at no cost to you, depending on insurance coverage.

Dent Repair Quote

The process allows technicians to remove hail damage, dings, minor dents and creases without compromising the vehicle’s factory paint job.



VisonClear Windshield Coating

Provides extreme corrosion resistance, abrasion, chemical & UV resistance, water repellency, and reduced surface maintenance.


  • Reduces night glare by 35%
  • Windshields are 50% more resistant to damage
  • Improved impact and scratch resistance
  • Reduces chips and cracks
  • Water repellant
  • Resists pitting and etching
  • Three year warranty

Diamond Plate Surface Coating

Diamond Plate is a nano ceramic polymer coating that reacts with your vehicle’s clear coat finish to form a second layer and thicker coating for added protection. These coatings are so durable they are used widely in the aerospace industry.


  • Forms a covalent bond with painted surfaces to provide years of protection
  • Cures harder than your car’s clearcoat
  • Provides unmatched protection from environmental and industrial contamination both inside and out
  • Helps maintain that new car look and feel for years to come
  • Three year warranty

*All prices are displayed without sales tax and do not include a car wash.



  • Delivers a Deep Durable Shine
  • Protects Clearcoat Finishes
  • 90 Day Guarantee
  • INCLUDES FREE Tire Shine



  • Thorough Cleaning of Interior Areas Using Air Tools
  • Dash & Center Console Cleaned and Dressed
  • Carpets and Mats Vacuumed



  • Cleans and Freshens Carpets & Mats
  • Removes Deep Embedded Dirt
  • Dries Fast – Looks Great!



  • Vacuum and Deep Shampoo Upholstered Seats
  • Deep Clean and Condition Leather Seats

*All prices are displayed without sales tax and do not include a car wash