Splash Car Wash Named Top Workplace

When you think Splash – you think Car Wash. When we think Splash, we think of the hundreds of amazing employees behind that name. It takes a lot to keep our 19 washes running smoothly, and we are so thankful to the team we have helping us do just that. This year, we are proud to announce we have been named Top Workplace in the Medium Size company category. 

This is our 6th year winning and each year we work towards being true to that title. With so many different locations and dozens of employees at each – it can seem hard to get to know everyone. But here at Splash – we want everyone to feel appreciated and heard. “It’s a great company and they treat you like family,” says Fernando from our Bedford Hills wash. This makes us so happy because we truly aim for that close knit atmosphere. We may be a big company – but we have the small business feel. 

There are many big things happening at Splash. From new washes, the remodeling of old ones & hiring new people on the daily – there’s a lot going on! All this is made possible by the fantastic crews we have working at the wash and lube locations as well as all of those behind the scenes – our trainers, our mechanics, and our customer-support staff. Louis Feliciano from our West Haven wash says, “I enjoy working for Splash Car Wash because it feels like one big family while you work. Management makes you feel like you’re part of a great team that is destined for greatness.” 

So – what makes Splash different?   Splash’s Director of HR says, “ Splash deeply cares for each individual at all of our locations – the culture and work environment, business growth, and personal growth of every employee. We are passionately forward-thinking and have a hands-on approach training style. We embrace this not only as a department, but as a small part of the puzzle that makes Splash Car Wash an exciting company to grow with.”

With hundreds of employees, it can seem hard to make sure everyone is heard and paid attention to, but employee-centric focus has been a key element to Splash’s longevity.  West Haven employee, Morris Pitt says, “I enjoy working for Splash Car Wash because they instill great leadership skills. Leaders are people who set positive examples and are a critical component of the success of any business.” Also, Daneri from Bedford Hills adds, “I love interacting with the customers and look forward to working with the crew every day.” 

Many of Splash’s employees have been on the team for 10, 15, 20 years or more.  And although Splash has been around 40 years, we’re still learning new things all the time.  But we know one thing’s for sure and that hasn’t changed – if we treat our employees well, they’ll do the same for our customers!