Splash Named #1 Top Workplace in CT!

We are so proud to announce we won #1 Top Workplace in Connecticut! This is HUGE! We have placed top 3 for 7 years running, but this is our first year placing #1! We would not be here if it were not for our amazing employees!

We are very passionate about making sure our employees feel like what they do matters. And that extends to customers.

“How we treat them is how they will treat our customers.” said Mark Curtis, CEO. “My partners and I know most of our workers by name and we’ve helped people deal with unique circumstances.”

At Splash, we are very particular about the people we hire. It is not just their ability to do the job, but their personality is highly weighed in the decision process. We are looking for people who are going to be with us for the long haul.

“You want to start with somebody who has a pleasant disposition and train them so they can do their job properly,” Mark said. “People at work don’t want to work with somebody who is nasty, who doesn’t want do the job. We have incredibly low turnover in a business that’s known for turnover.”

Again, we are so proud of our team! We are extremely honored to hold such an amazing title. Here is to being #1 next year! Find pictures of our amazing employees below.